My Favorite Book

I've read countless books in my lifetime on different subjects relative to spirituality. None, but one, has had intrinsic power to change my life and offer me answers to the questions that I was seeking.

The Bible, containing both the Old Testament/Tenach (Genesis - Malachi) and the New Testament/Brit HaChadasha (Matthew - Revelation) is comprised of 66 different smaller books.

I've found the entire collection to be our true instruction manual for life and definitely my favorite book. Unfortunately, there are many perversions of the use of the bible throughout history that make us want to ignore it. I can assure you that studying it for myself has changed my life. There is real power in the Bible, proving it to be God's Word. It's amazing to see and experience how after studying and applying the principles contained within it, I know that I'm now finally living life to the fullest potential possible. Knowing and pursuing the truth, that is revealed in this book allows me to live in close relationship with our Creator, God. This is how He designed life to be and that is why it's the only way to live life to the fullest.I want to encourage you to read the Bible. It's spiritual food. Just like we need nutrition for our bodies daily, our spirits need nutrition daily to be strong.

I'm including resources on this website to help you. On the Links page you'll find different websites that can guide you in your daily bible study. Also on this page I'm including some different things that I've written and others have written, to help you understand and apply the truth of God's word to your life. My prayer is that through it all, God's Holy Spirit will inspire you and lead you into a deeper knowledge of Himself and His truth. That is after all, the reason that we read and study God's word...for wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God and the plan that He has for our life.

Messiah is the Messianic term for Christ and Yeshua is the Messianic (Hebrew) name of Jesus.
A Believer is what is also known as a true Christian Disciple (learner, follower of Messiah), in the biblical sense of the word.
These terms are used interchangeably in these studies.


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